Alan Lisk has a longstanding and distinguished career as an accompanist for contemporary dance, working with Britain’s most influential dance teachers and choreographers. In addition, he is a successful and respected composer of music for film and television.

Alan Lisk was born in Belfast and studied at the Ulster College of Music, Dartington College of Arts, Rolle College and Trinity College of Music. After teaching music for a number of years he took an advanced course in music and film at the London International Film School and began composing music for film and television. Throughout this time he has worked as an accompanist and composer for contemporary dance.
Alan Lisk, composer. Music for dance classes

Music for Dance Classes

For three decades Alan has worked in the dance world, playing live accompaniment for many illustrious dance teachers and choreographers such as Jane Dudley, William Luther. Robert Cohan, Anthony van Laast. Viola Farber, Daniel Lewis, Dan Wagoner, Ethel Winter, Robert North, Susan McGuire, Derek Williams, Janet Smith, Richard Alston and Darshan Singh Bhuller. He has worked with London Contemporary Dance Theatre; Rambert Dance Company; Adventures in Motion Pictures; New Adventures; Phoenix Dance Company; Richard Alston Dance Company; Union Dance Company and Janet Smith Dancers.

Alan Lisk, composer. Music for film and television.
Work in Film & Television

Alan has composed extensively for film and television, including Ian Sharps’ ʻYesterdays Dreamsʼ, ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Tess of the D'Urbervilles’; ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and ‘Maigret’. His work has been BAFTA-nominated and he is under contract with Virgin/EMI Music Publishing Ltd.